Pale Khaki Skater Sneakers by Vans

VansVans Skater sneakers are hotter than ever

Pastel pink is definitely the color of the season. However, there is still space for other color in the sneaker world. Having that in mind, Vans just released a Pale Khaki version of the classic model.

There is nothing like a good nude on a sneaker. Now, after just releasing Toasted Almond, the brand just launched a beige colorway called “Pale Khaki” in the classic Vans silhouette.


While the black iteration is the most known version of the sneaker, this Pale khaki is a summer hit. The toecap and rear are covered with suede material.

The quality of the materials are definitely worth the investment as you can wear them with basically everything, almost like nude is the new black. You can purchase the new Pale Khaki in any  store and selected retailers worldwide.


Vans is an American manufacturer of shoes, also producing apparel and other products such as T-shirts, hoodies, socks, hats, and backpacks. The brand is especially popular among skaters, surfers and bike riders.

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