Photo Booth by Awesomatic Photo Booth


A great product for parties

A Photo Booth is a great way to capture moments and save them forever. Some people say that memories are our most valuable treasures, especially the happy ones. And what’s happier than parties?


The product we present today is perfect for parties and special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and Christmas celebrations. It’s a photo booth, a childhood favorite. We all have seen movies where a couple takes pictures in a booth making funny faces.

And wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could do it in our parties? The Awesomatic is a Photo Booth you can rent. It features a quality camera, a strobe flash, a touchscreen monitor and a printer all in one unit.


You can print unlimited 4×6 photos, and you can also keep digital copies of every single photo -even the embarrassing ones. It is a great upgrade from those old photo booths that could only fit two people and had a horrible curtain.

You can have studio quality lighting, mixed with great picture resolution, all in your house. It also comes with props for you and your friends to use in your funny photos. You can also add names to your photos. The only disadvantage is not being able to keep it in your house forever.

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