PhotoScan by Google


An app that digitizes your old pictures

If you were born in the 90s or anytime before, you probably have some old analog photo prints laying in a dusty box somewhere in your house. We all have those boxes filled with photos with no organization whatsoever.

Some years ago, scanners brought the promise of recovering all those pictures, by digitizing them. However, the process is so long and boring, that many of us didn’t even try it or gave up after some photos.

But never fear, cause Google just came up with an app that promises to digitize our old analog pictures just like a scanner. However, much faster. The app’s name is PhotoScan and uses special algorithms to detect edges, correct perspective and stick exposures together to avoid glare.

The photos will look like they were digitized, not a photo of a photo, with all the glare that ruins them. The best of all: the app is completely free. PhotoScan merges various photos to remove glare and improve digitalization quality.

PhotoScan even allows you to create a security copy of all the digitalizations through Google Apps. It then organizes the photos by people or location. This is the best way to digitalize and archiving your old baby pictures. We will certainly give it a try.

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