Pink Velvet Adilette Slides by adidas Originals

If you thought the slide trend was over, Adidas proves you wrong

Right after releasing a grey suede adilette, adidas Originals launched a new iteration of the iconic sandal. But before diving in the new features of the Pink Velvet adilette, let’s travel through the history of the shoe.

The adilette was created in the 1960s for the German football team that asked the brand for a shoe that they could wear in the changing rooms and showers.At the time, designers only had hygiene in mind, never thinking it would become what it is today.

The Adilette soon became more than just a shower sandal, with various models created regularly. Today, it is one of adidas best-sellers worldwide. Fashionistas, active people, men and women, everyone loves them.

Now for the new adilette, it comes in “Raw Pink,” and the fabric is velvet. The slides feature unique color-matching pink stripes on the straps and have a retail price of 45 dollars. You can find them in adidas retailers.

If you love adilettes as much as myself, these are perfect for summer and even winter, if used indoors and with some cool looking socks. Check the adidas website and grab yours now!

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