Portuguese shoe brand Josefinas launches 3 pairs of sneakers against domestic violence

Josefinas x APAV sneakers

Josefinas and APAV create sneakers that helps domestic violence victims

APAV is Portuguese Association of Victim Support, an important organisation for domestic violence victims in Portugal. Now, APAV just collaborated with shoe brand Josefinas.

The campaign is called “You can Leave”. Moreover. as part of the campaign, the brand designed three models of sneakers: Leave, Speak, Strong. As a result, each pair sold will allow APAV to help 5 domestic violence victims for a month.

Josefinas x APAV sneakers

In addition, each of these models re-uses the symbols used in clothing care, redefining them with other meanings for interpersonal relationships. “Do not control”, “do not blame”, “do not bully”, “do not embarrass” and “do not hurt”.

As a result, under the motto “You Can Leave,” Josefinas encourages all women in abusive relationships to take a step forward and ask for help. “Any woman can be a victim of violence. It is extremely likely, if not 100% guaranteed, that we meet someone who is, or has ever been, the target of psychological, verbal or sexual maltreatment”.

Josefinas x APAV sneakers

“At Josefinas, we wanted to alert this scourge, in the great majority of the time silent and to contribute to the fight against it “, explains Maria Cunha, CEO of the brand. Furthermore, the campaign, launched in July 2018, will last for a year. Finally, learn more at https://josefinas.com/pt/you-can-leave

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