Pro Hijab by Nike


A step closer to diversity acceptance

Sports giant Nike has taken steps on the road to making sport more inclusive for all sizes and genres. Now, Nike’s inclusive message has also hit religion. Last month, the brand launched its first plus-size line. Now, Nike announced that has created and is preparing to launch its first hijab for professional athletes.

The Pro Hijab was especially designed for Muslim female athletes, who find it difficult to practise sports in their often heavy and hot hijabs. In a statement released by the brand, Nike stated that has been working on this project for over a year.


The idea came when a hijabi runner, Sarah Attar, took the global stage in London. Nike felt like there was the need to create an athletic hijab and invited weightlifting athlete Amna Al Haddad to its Nike’s Sport Research Lab.

Muslim athletes often find it difficult to use the hijab during competitions and trainings, thus the need to create a performance piece that was more lightweight and breathable and would stay in place.


The new creation is set to release in the spring of next year 2018. We love Nike’s effort to include women everywhere and can’t wait to see muslim athletes using the hijab.

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