Puma Fierce by Kylie Jenner by Puma

A Kylie Jenner collaboration for those social media addicts

A lot was written about Kylie Jenner collaborating with PUMA, especially because Kanye West – Kylie’s brother in law – has a deal with Adidas and was not happy with another member of the family involvement with another brand.

Even though all the drama, Puma and socialite Kyle Jenner collaborated and the result is the PUMA Fierce Shoe, , a futuristic shoe without laces that resembles an astronaut boot.

The model features a mesh and Ariaprene bootie for breathability and extra comfort. You can use them basically anywhere, at the gym, at home or as part of your streetwear look.

The shoes are extra comfortable due to caging overlays for optimal lockdown. Besides having exaggerated heel thickness at both sides for excellent stability. Although there are a lot of material mixes, they are quite lightweight.


PUMA’s logo features at the tongue and the side of the sneakers. This is a perfect new year’s gift for someone who loves sports.

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