Razor Strop by Shaveface


A product for the man who shaves

ShaveFace was born from the will of two friends who were tired of paying a lot of money for low-quality shaves. James O’Brien and Casey Perkal were convinced that there was a way to save money in their shaving routines.

Razor companies tell clients to throw away blades every week but Shaveface says that there is no need to do that. They claim to have products that extend the useful lifetime of a razor by 500%.


Shaveface Razor Strop is inspired by the strops professional barbers use to keep their straight razors sharp but is supposed to be used in your disposable razors at home, keeping them sharp for months.

This product is made from rugged raw denim that that realigns the razor blades, helping them to last longer. At the same time, it also gets rid of dead skin cells and bacteria present in the blades.


The Razor Strop is reinforced with leather in both ends and was designed to be easily placed on a towel rod. You can roll it for transportation and take it everywhere when you travel. According to Shaveface you can save up to 100 dollars a year.

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