Roseau Sakura by Longchamp

Photo: LongchampA Valentine’s Day special edition by Longchamp

Dear men, if you want to score points with your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day, please read this article. The product we present here is by Longchamp and is sure to please to every single woman on planet Earth.

Longchamp picked up the Roseau suitcase and gave it a new design for the Roseau Sakura Limited Edition. First of all, the line takes inspiration by the gardens of Tokyo and the cherry tree blossoms that flourish throughout the Japanese city.

Photo: Longchamp

There are two versions with hand embroidering: a light pink with cherry blossoms in beige and orange and the other in white with the flowers in blue. In addition, the Roseau model is a versatile bag.

The four versions are already on sale in stores and on the brand’s website. Longchamp’s emblematic Roseau collection combines simplicity and sophistication, always with the signature racehorse within a leather oval.

Photo: Longchamp

Longchamp was founded in 1948 in Paris by Jean Cassegrain. It is popular worldwide for the simplicity and quality of the wallets, accessories and luggage articles. Finally, it is present in several countries with more than 300 stores.

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