Royale Fur Slide Sandal by UGG


UGG follows the trend of the season

By now, it is basically official that the fur slide sandal has won the shoe of the year award. Every brand is launching its version of this model, from Rihanna’s PUMA collection to FILA. UGG also wants a seat at the table.

The “It” sandal is super simple: a slide sandal in rubber with a fur upper that comes in various colorways. Now, Australian brand UGG has taken its chance to get in the fur slide race and released a new sandal, the Royale.


The Royale Sandal features silky Toscana fur and wool lining. It surely makes any look instantaneously glamorous, but it takes a certain confidence to wear them in public as you will certainly hear some jokes about being in slippers.

The Royale sandal comes in six different colors: black, gray, white, baby pink, neon pink and baby blue. Our favorites are the gray sandals, by far. But of course, we would love to rock any of the versions.


UGG is an Australian footwear brand founded in 1978 by a young surfer with a lifelong love for sheepskin. From then til now, UGG has built an empire and has spread its craft to home and decoration items

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