RunIQ by New Balance


New Balance’s new smart watch

Long gone are the times when we had to take our mobile phones when we went for a run. Well, at least for some of us. New Balance just launched a smartwatch that calculates distances, plays music and allows you to respond to texts.

The new RunIQ from New Balance features built-in GPS to map routes and distances and allows you to connect to the “Strava Global Run Club” digital community, where you can share your maps, and even have a playlist from Google Music.


To stay away from the world when you’re running, you don’t even have the need to take your phone: you can receive and respond to notifications through the watch. And there is one more positive point: according to testing, it is waterproof up to 50 meters deep.

You can also monitor your heart rate in real time and stay in your target zone for better results. Run IQ also allows you to track your run time and intervals with one-click lap functionality.


RunIQ costs € 375 and is available in black and gray.Along with RunIQ, New Balance has also launched ParceIQ, a wireless headset that can be activated with a button or voice. The price is € 115.

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