Savage by Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik

Savage by Rihanna

Savage is a reflection of Rihanna’s personality

Rihanna is no beginner in the fashion design industry. She collaborated with various designers to create shoe and sneaker lines, clothes, and even a sock line. So it was no surprise that she announced a collaboration called ” Savage ” with shoe master Manolo Blahnik.

The “Savage” collection and represent perfectly the singer’s style, a combination of style and irreverence. Savage features three boot models, two of which are high and one is by the ankle.

Savage by Rihanna

The inspiration behind the boots were the Timberland boots that were super popular in the 2000s. You would see them in every video clip, from Beyonce’s to Jennifer Lopez.

This new limited edition for the cold season has been announced on the singer’s Instagram and is now on sale on the website and in designer stores in New York, London, Barcelona, Madrid and Hong Kong.

Savage by Rihanna

Finally, if your girlfriend has a street style that would make a lot of superstars envy her, you should consider giving her one of this boots as a Valentine’s Day present.

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