Cristiano Ronaldo’s statue sculptor is back!

Photo: O Globo

This time, Emanuel Santos created a bust of Gareth Bale

The Madeiran sculptor who became famous for the viral and controversial bust of Cristiano Ronaldo is back with a new work. This time, the target is Gareth Bale, also a player in Real Madrid.

Last March 29, Madeira International Airport ‘stole’ the name of the best player in the world. From that date, it became the Cristiano Ronaldo Airport. To commemorate the occasion, Emanuel Santos, a 40-year-old Madeiran sculptor, created an artistic piece, a bronze player’s bust, which is now installed in the arrivals zone of the airport.

Cristiano Ronaldo statue

The piece, which generated some controversy, became viral. The press did not take long to look in detail at the statue. At the time, the author shared with the journalists that he was responding well to the criticism and was “satisfied” with his work.

Now Emanuel Santos has been invited by bookmaker Paddy Power to make a bust of Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale. The Champions League final will take place next Saturday, June 3, in Cardiff, Bale’s birthplace, so timing is perfect.

Gareth Bale

The work, funded by Paddy Power, took more than 264 hours to complete. The statue weighs 40 pounds and is valued at around 30 thousand euros.

The sculptor said to be “very happy” and “proud” of its work. “It was an honor for me to make the bust of Gareth Bale, because he’s a great player,”. We actually think this one is better than the first attempt…

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