Shisha 2.0 by Porshe Design


A matchless smoking experience


Porsche has accustomed us to stunning designs regarding the automotive industry, with its elegant cars and clean lines. However, few people know another side of Porsche: Porsche Design. Porsche Design sells high-quality clothing, electronic, accessories and furniture, all with the modernist nature and taste of Porsche.


Besides those products, there is one that many are unaware of: the sisha 2.0. The Shisha 2.0 is the updated version of the first shisha designed by Porsche, basically a tribute to the Middle East traditional hookah.

The shisha is approximately 73 cm, and was described by Porsche Design as a cultural value object, and a luxurious interpretation of instrument flavored tobacco smoke.


As in the first shisha drawn by Porsche Design, the 2.0 version has a simplistic design that captures the gaze. It is, however, thinner and higher than its predecessor.

The Shisha 2.0 is made with products that Porsche already accustomed clients, such as aluminum, hand-blown glass, Synthetic Leather and Ceramic.  

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