Shower Bluetooth Speaker by TYPO

The perfect gift for those who love to sing in the shower

I love singing in the shower. From the moment I remember, singing in the shower was my moment of relaxation. My mom says she used to have to knock on the bathroom door to ask me to sing it down.

At that time, a small portable radio was a speaker. Nowadays, the cell phone started to go with me to the bathroom, but the fear of ruining it with the humidity and the lack of power upset me.

I then found a brand that offered a solution to my problems: Cotton On. Cotton On was born 25 years ago in Australia and has become one of the largest value fashion group. Cotton on has seven secondary brands that retail a great diversity of products.

One of that brands is TYPO, born in 2009 to fill a gap in the market for unique, fun and affordable stationery. Now, they have everything from tech to homeware. It was in their website that I found this unique bluetooth speaker, made especially to take to the shower.

It uses wireless technology and is water resistant, so you can actually put it inside the shower area and listen to music, answer calls and make calls. My baths were once again super fun and the bath chant again terrified my mother like I used to. I strongly recommend this purchase! Plus, it’s super cheap! 29.99 dollars!

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