Slide Sandal by Staple x SANDALBOYZ

Slide Sandal

Another slide sandal to grace your feet

Staple was born out of genuine coincidence, and maybe fate. Jeff Staple walked into a New York store wearing a t-shirt printed by him and left with an order of 12 t-shirts. It was 1997, and it was the birth of Staple.

Nowadays, the brand has grown to be one of the most important streetwear references, and everybody wants one of their signature pieces. Staple recently partnered with Los Angeles-based SANDALBOYz and created a one of a kind piece.

Slide Sandal

SANDALBOYZ has been around for only a year and started with a single tonal avocado green sandal but now is a great promise in the fashion industry. With Staple, they created a slide sandal with Staple’s pigeon mascot embroidered along the upper.

The base of the sandal features a concrete-inspired gray colorway that gives it a modern look. The upper of the sandal also has a small portion of white that contrasts with the gray.

Slide Sandal

If you love sandals as much as we do – they are definitely the footwear signature piece of the decade – be sure to purchase this ultra stylish shoes. They go with anything and are super stylish.

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