Snap Instant Digital Camera by Polaroid

Snap Instant Digital Camera by Polaroid

Polaroid created a gift for that nostalgic friend

Polaroid has launched another product for those who live for instant photography just like the old times. The Snap Instant Digital Camera is a fun camera that prints 2 x 3-inch sticker pictures.Snap Instant Digital Camera by Polaroid
Yes, you read it well. This camera prints your photos on sticker paper, so you can stick your happy moments in your wall, computer, phone case, wherever. The Snap Instant Digital Camera has 10-megapixels, so the photos have an excellent quality.

Snap Instant Digital Camera by Polaroid
Of course, this product doesn’t replace an actual digital camera or a smartphone but is a great gift for those who love instant pics and want a fun twist with the sticker paper. At 99 dollars, this is one of the most anticipated Christmas gifts this year.

You can choose between three modes: normal, black & white and sepia tone, depending on your mood. Design-wise, the camera looks a bit childish, but we actually think the simplicity gives it charm.

The Snap also comes in red, black, and blue. Printing only takes 35 seconds, which is pretty reasonable. This is a great Christmas present, and we are putting it on our Christmas list.

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