Sock Ankle Boots by Vetements

Vetements Sock Ankle Boots

The new Vetements creation has a floral feel

If you follow our blog, you probably noticed that we talked about Vetements recently. Vetements is a parisian “design collective” that presented its first collection in 2014 and took the fashion world by storm.

The fashion world knows that the head designer is Gvasalia but the rest of the collective remains anonymous, keeping the mystery around the brand. The truth is that this collective is hotter than ever.

Vetements Sock Ankle Boots

If you are interest in fashion you know that every celebrity is wearing their designs, from the Kardashians to supermodels. Vetements is one of the go-to streetstyle fashion brands of the moment.

One of the signature designs of the brand is the sock ankle boot, which made huge success and already has a lot of iterations. There is a patriotic model, a pastel blue one that features a unicorn heel and now, an iteration with a flower heel.

Vetements Sock Ankle Boots

The new sock ankle boots feature white jersey knit with Vetements branding on the front side of the sock-like boot. The heel has a rose printed that evokes a Spring look. Most of all, it that makes us want to run to the store and get a pair. It’s definitely on our wishlist.

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