Sony Platinum Wireless Headset for PS4

Credits: Sony

Sony released an headset that will make you feel as you are living your games

Any self-respecting gamer knows that a game feels better and more intense according to the headset used. Taking that in mind, Sony announced a new set of headphones, designed especially for the PlayStation 4 and PS VR.

The new Platinum/ Gold Wireless Headset redefines gaming audio by creating a detailed soundstage. The player will hear every sound clearer, from the blowing of the wind to the thunder of guns.

Credits: Sony

Bots of the sets feature noise-cancelling microphones and 7.1 virtual surround sound. With built-in dual mics that capture your voice and cancel out distractions, these headsets are awesome. As a gamer myself, I like them especially because of their comfortable design and extended-life battery. This allows me to play for longer periods of time without getting ear pain or running out of battery.

In some PS4™ games that support 3D audio, the headsets allow me to experience sound emanating from all directions, including above and below me. The fact that they are wireless is obviously one of the main features but I also appreciate the fact that they are compatible with other devices as my personal computer.

Credits: Sony

Both of the versions of the headset come with a Wireless Adaptor with 3D audio processing components, a Travel pouch, a 3.5mm Audio Cable and a Micro-USB charge cable. The Sony Platinum/Gold Wireless Headset is already for sale.

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