Speedtail Hyper-GT by McLaren

Mc Laren Speetail Hyper-GT

McLaren Automotive’s first car with the legendary F1’s seating layout

McLaren Automotive will launch the first road car with the legendary F1’s one-plus-two seating layout. Ever since McLaren began developing road cars in 2010, everyone has been asking for this.

In Autumn 2016, McLaren began building an updated take on Gordon Murray’s iconic hypercar. When McLaren announced to its clients their intentions to produce this new version on the hypercar, 300 people tried to purchase it. At the time, there was not a design, a package or any information of the car.

Mc Laren Speetail Hyper-GT

The brand is only producing 106 cars, so the other 194 people that weren’t able to buy the new Speedtail were offered a Senna model. However, there is no record of how many accepted the offer.

McLaren’s Speedtail has a very elegant design, is shaped like a teardrop. When you see the car in profile there is a ‘point’ at the top of the windscreen that is quite original. Although the exterior is spectacular, the interior is the real centrepiece of the Speedtail.

Mc Laren Speetail Hyper-GT

The seating layout is the design star of this vehicle. The Speedtail will come into production at the end of 2019. The car has a base price of £1.75m plus taxes. So it is definitely for the uber rich. There are also a total of £450,000 worth of optional extras. This is a perfect example of design at its finest.

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