Stampd x PUMA Clyde Mask by Wang Zhijun


If you have to use a mask, at least use a pretty one

Chinese designer Wang Zhijun became world famous when he built a face mask inspired by a model of Kanye West’s sneakers, the Yeezy Boost 350 V2. Well, not only inspired: in fact, he created the mask from the shoes.

The young talent realized that sneakers were an excellent raw material for his creations, thanks to their durable but breathable materials. The project of creating these facial masks was born two years ago and aims to draw public attention to the problem of pollution in China.


In the Asian country, smog levels are so high that the population is advised always to wear a mask and not leave the house. Now, he creates face masks from all types of sneakers. He has created masks out of traditional models such as Nike Air Max 90, ACRONYM Nike Air Presto and Puma.

These masks are a great alternative to common ones and are not only comfortable but also functional and stylish. His last creation is a mask from Stampd x PUMA sneakers.


The designer’s main goal is to draw attention to the smog problem in China. In adittion, to raise awareness until the day Chinese citizens no longer need to wear his creations. A great design idea!

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