Swan Pack Collection by Puma


If you liked Black Swan, this is for you

If you saw the movie “Black Swan,” you know how elegant the ballet universe is. All the clothes and props are delicate, feminine and with a dash of sexiness – without being overly sexy.

With inspiration by the beautifulness of a ballet dancer and the commitment to the art, Puma created a collection in collaboration with the New York City Ballet. The collection is called “Swan Pack”.

Swan Pack Collection by Puma

Firstly, the collection features a black and white color palette, iridescent material and feather patterns. Moreover, all the details take inspiration from Swans and ballet. In addition, freedom of expression and strength of ballet were major elements of the campaing.

The campaing took place at Lincoln Center and features two of New York City Ballet’s dancers, Mimi Staker and Olivia Boisson. The discipline of ballet dancers and the seek to improve constantly are some of the values Puma incorporates in the collection.

Swan Pack Collection by Puma

Finally, the Spring-Summer 2017 Swan Pack collection launches at Puma stores and website on February 1.

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