Sweatshirt Trimm Dich by Adidas

Credits: Adidas

Adidas has a cartoon runner who is the protagonist of this sweatshirt

Adidas is no longer just a brand for athletes, but also for sports lovers in general. I know lots of people who have never run 100 meters in their lives and also use the brand.

Today I bring a design that is not necessarily for sports, but rather for fun design lovers. The Trimm Dich Sweatshirt features an usual character, Trimmy. Cartoon character runner Trimmy was the mascot of a public health and fitness promotion run in Germany in the 1970’s.

At the time, due to the economic boom, the health of the population was deteriorating. With records of growing cases of obesity, the Sports Confederation released a campaign to encourage people to get active and healthy.

Credits: Adidas
They created a series of fitness trails in cities and towns that ran through parks and forest tracks. This campaign had the slogan ‘Trimm Dich, durch Sport’ which translates to ‘Get Fit, do sports’ and was used to promote these new trails and get people active.

Years later, Adidas is using the mascot to decorate this sweatshirt for men and honour the German Sports Federation in a modern style. The sweater is made in soft material and features raglan sleeves for maximum comfort.

One of the best aspects of the design is that the cut is not fair or wide, it gives a perfect intermediate adjustment. This makes it pretty comfortable and is one of my favourite pieces for the weekend.

Credits: Adidas
Adidas is a German sportswear manufacturer, the biggest in Europe, and the second largest in the world, after Nike. Adidas designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories for sports lovers.

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