Roll-Top Backpack by Adidas Originals

The ideal backpack to carry your backpack and day-to-day items

For months I had been looking for a new bag for my everyday life. Finally found what I needed while browsing through Adidas website. Adidas Originals just released a utilitarian backpack for the modern man or woman. This is for people who need to carry their day-to-day items in a stylish pack. Continue Reading

Protect your tablet with the Caterpillar Ben Backpack

If you don’t leave your house without your tablet, this article is for you

Three things I do not miss out on when I leave for work; my tablet, books, and house keys. My life revolves around them and I feel incomplete if I do not have them with me. But handling these important things from streets to stations was becoming a challenge.

With my super active routine, it was getting difficult for me to manage things in hand and also reach to the destination, making sure I don’t lose anything or drop it on the road. Hence I decided to search for a bag that could embrace all. I am not fond of shopping, so I usually search online for the right thing and go straight to the store. My goodness; the designs, styles and brands, all so many. It was total confusion until I saw Caterpillar Ben Backpack.

Unlike other backpacks with overdone designs and compartments, this one was simple and sleek. The features seemed appropriate and the bag was reasonable in price so I thought of giving it a try. Instantly found the store and reached there. To my surprise, unlike other products that that vary, picture vs reality, this one was as shown on the website. The different compartments were properly placed, nothing more or less but just perfect. This Ben Backpack has padded tablet compartment, to keep my gadget safe, a front zipper compartment for smaller things to be organized and a key chain to insert different keys. The side pocket to keep my sun glasses, this was more than what I was looking for.

Without waiting, I started using it then and there only. My hands free to swing and my backpack on my back, I felt so relieved, could move here and there, cross the city and feel free.
Since that day, Ben has been my partner everywhere, I have been using it for many years and it still looks the same as new. Very soon, with the experience I realized how important and beneficial a good backpack is. I am more organized, free and confident. All my belongings are in one place and I need not worry as I keep my backpack locked.

The different compartments allow more storage than my hands could offer. I also manage to maintain the correct posture which was previously disturbed due to carrying so many things in my hand. Today Ben seems like an extension of me, being with me and carrying things for me, making my work, studies and commuting has become easier than I ever imagined.

Power 3 Backpack Medium by adidas


A classic bag that never goes out of fashion

If you do sports and have to carry your equipment from one side to another, a good backpack or gym bag is essential. On the other hand, in a time when track suits and sportswear is more fashionable than ever, having a practical, comfortable and beautiful sports backpack should be a priority. Continue Reading