Basket Sock Trainer by PUMA

Credits: PUMA

No need to wear socks, this PUMA sneaker has a built-in sock

PUMA was a brand that was always present in my child’s imagination. I had a lot of PUMA tracksuits and I loved the logo, wearing it proudly. Then, as I grew older, other brands were occupying my mind. But PUMA was always there. I treasure my first Basket trainers and loved the idea that the brand was realeasing a new version. Continue Reading

Sesame Street Collection by Puma


A collection for the grown ones who are still children

In an attempt to combat the seriousness of adulthood, Puma has launched a line of sneakers that promises to bring back the unconcern of childhood. The result was a collaboration with Sesame Street, where two of the most beloved characters – Elmo and Cookie Monster- from the children’s series, give life to a collection of footwear. Continue Reading