Take a walk in the city with Diesel Sneakers

Diesel Sneakers

If you are looking for the perfect summer sneakers, look no more

They say a book is a man’s best friend. Of course but what would you do when you have a good book and dreadful shoes as your travelling partner?

Need not to deny that there is no other blessing than a good, comfortable shoe. A good shoe makes our persona, improves our posture and brings confidence in our walk. This confidence can be doomed if the shoe bits all day, pinches our toes or made of a material that causes allergies and infection.

In a nutshell, finding the perfect Cinderella kind shoe, one that doesn’t bite, fits properly, looks amazing, lasts long and affordable to buy is just a dreadful job. Wishful thinking? Certainly no!

Diesel Sneakers

Let me introduce you to my most loved pair of shoes. I’m talking about Diesel, one that I can wear to the office, take a walk in the city, play around with over the weekends and put on when going for a movie.

As I write about it, I have them with me right now as well. The weekend has started, so I thought of having some me time, music food and nature. So I grabbed my Diesel Naptik sneakers, my music player, my laptop, few magazines and headed towards the beach terrace.

Diesel Sneakers

The Diesel S-Naptik series comes in four designs. Each comes with a different profile, colour, shape and texture. Some are 100% cowhide leather while some a mix of polyester, calf leather, cow leather and polyurethane.

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