Tebur table by Nifemi Marcus-Bello


A table for nomads

Nifemi Marcus-Bello is a brilliant product designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. His designs are frequently inspired by the needs of people who live and work in crowded cities such as Lagos. Currently, he is the Lead Industrial Designer at TECNO Design Lab, where he creates phone accessories.

Marcus-Bello designed the product we present now, a flat pack desk called Tebur, the Hausa word for table. What makes this piece of furniture unique is that it can store its own legs for easy transport.

The table legs screw into the desk, which make them easy to assemble and disassemble, and have fabric loops to hold the legs flat against the table surface during transport.

Tebur is so lightweight it can be lifted with one hand, thanks to a handle. The table legs are made from reclaimed wood, which gives it a modern look. The minimalistic design is at the same time practical and beautiful.

The Tebur table was created to be in office spaces, especially in Lagos, where offices are usually tiny. The designer’s goal is to turn away from typically heavy work tables, which are almost impossible to move and difficult to assemble

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