Tech Fleece Aeroloft Parka by Nike


Nike’s response to changing weather

Nike Tech Fleece and Nike Aeroloft technologies come together once more to bring athletes comfort and protection against rain, cold and wind. The final result is a super warm and comfy parka designed to endure cold weather.

Nike Tech Fleece fabric provides lightweight warmth, with foam placed between two layers of cotton jersey. This creates a three-layered fabric that keeps the body warm.


The Nike Aeroloft technology keeps the heat in the body, also keeping excess heat away from the body through laser-cut holes in the parka.

This stylish parka has a water-resistant coating called DWR, in addition to the goose-down filled interior.The Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Parka features a high collar with zippers and a large hood.


This is a perfect product for athletes or just people who like to wear activewear. Sports clothes have never been so trendy.There is a male and women version.

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