The Respectful Animal Trophy by Antoine Ted-Ted


A beautiful alternative to animal trophies

Although every once in awhile we hear horrendous stories about animals being used as hunting trophies, we believe the tendency to hang their heads in house’s walls ia no longer fashionable.

Designer Antoine Tes-Ted has always been in love with nature and wildlife, so he has made his work and this passion come together. He created a collection inspired by wildlife beauties, featuring singular 3D animal signs.


In partnership with Hu2, Tes-Ted created beautiful animal signs made from colour-treated wood with the singularity that the signs are all designed with a single line. The artistic signs are laser cut from genuine wood board.

The Respectual Animal Trophy collection includes signs of an Elephant, a Lion, a Tiger and a Rhino, all created by Antoine Tes-Ted with eco-friendly materials.


This creations also have a charitable side to them, with some of the profit going to a foundation that supports and fights for animal rights, the Born Free Foundation.

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