The Tale of Thomas Burberry by Asif Kapadia for Burberry


The Christmas Campaign we thought was a movie trailer

Fashion Brand Burberry has just launched the most epic Christmas campaign ever by telling the story of its creator Thomas Burberry in a short-film directed by Academy Award-winner Asif Kapadia.

The short-film resembles a movie trailer and stars Domhnall Gleeson as Thomas Burberry, Sienna Miller as Burberry’s wife and Lily James as pilot Betty Kirby-Green, who in 1937 flew a record-breaking trip from England to Cape Town, wearing Burberry clothing in a plane sponsored by the company called The Burberry.


The 3-minute film revolves around the creation of the Burberry empire, featuring key moments in the brand’s history such as the invention of the trench coat – and the impermeable fabric that Burberry invented in 1879. We can also see the military using the iconic trench coat.

Other key moments of the film include Ernest Shackleton, Antarctic explorer, choosing Burberry to make the protective clothes for his expedition.


The soundtrack of the film features Diminuendo by Lawless featuring Britt Warner. All the clothes worn in the campaign video are Burberry of course. Our favorite is a cashmere poncho worn by Sienna Miller.

This is truly a brilliant campaign. It definitely got us wishing for Burberry trench coats this Christmas season. Worth watching.

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