Trash Animals series by Bordalo II


Works of art made from garbage

Bordalo II is a Portuguese artist that creates beautiful realistic animals using only trash he founds in the streets. Through his work, Bordalo II aims to draw attention to society’s uncontrollable production of waste.

The irony of his art is that he creates animals using the materials that are responsible for killing them or destroying their habitats. Bordalo II uses only materials found in wastelands, abandoned factories, and garbage that was going to be recycled.


Some examples of elements used by Bordalo II are damaged bumpers, burnt trash cans, tires, and appliances. He then bolts all this thing to the side of a building and creates animals.

From pelicans to mice, raccoons and lizards, his pieces can be found all over Europe. Every piece is finished with spray paint, which gives them a more lifelike quality. You can found Bordalo II’s work in cities like Lisbon, Estonia and the USA.


This is a great example of how art can be used to make critics to environmental practices, not damaging anything or hurting anyone, but instead creating beautiful works of art that send a message.

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