Tricolore shirt by Le Coq Sportif

Tshirt by Le Coq Sportif

Le Coq Sportif: a classic choice of clothing for the modern man

Not all clothes are a perfect fit, one that you can wear anytime and feel you. Some are cool but uncomfortable, some add fashion but lack the right fitting and some wear off easily. Le Coq Sportif is here to change that.

But to my good luck last week, I bumped into the Tricolor shirt by Lecoqsportif. I believe this is a must have for your wardrobe. Made up of 96% cotton and 4 % Elastane, this jersey apparel that can be worn in any season and at any given time.

My inner wardrobe secret, the other day, when I had an important meeting to hit, and I wanted to feel casually comfortable, I tucked this shirt in and felt simply confident and at ease. The same shirt I once wore when I was hanging out with my weekend buddies, to give it a bit style, I rolled up their signature blue, white and red colour sleeves and paired it with my favorite denim.

T-shirt by Le Coq Sportif

This shirt comes in only two colours. However, they both make you look different and both of them are a must-shop. The white one makes your mood happy while the black one is a cool, classy look to your casual denim.

What makes me trust them so much is the fact that Lecoqsportif has been making clothes and apparel for over one hundred and thirty years, so they know the best way to do it. If you visit the website, this shirt is ideally for sportsmen, but I wear it my way.

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