Tubular Invader Strap by Adidas


Yeezy inspiration all over them

The Tubular has been around since the 90s, with so many people from kids to grown ups wearing them proudly. This model is definitely one of Adidas’s most fashionable shoes.

However, the Tubular lost some popularity and are no longer the hit sneaker in the streets. In a time when a new sneaker is comes out every week, it’s not easy to determine what are our favorite shoes. However, the Yeezy’s are certainly one of them.


Probably to give fans of Yeezy Boosts a chance to purchase a similar shoe that is not that expensive, Adidas just launched the Tubular Invader Strap, which resembles a lot Kanye West’s creation.

Adidas basically took the little-known Tubular Invader and reinvented them. This time, with a strap variation, which is one of Yeezy Boost’s signature features. The new Tubular Invader Strap features a hairy suede high-top upper in suede. Besides, there is a prominent forefoot strap belted over the tonal laces and subtly perforated toe box.


An interesting detail is the red heel portion of the sole and subtle branding at the heel. If you are a Yeezy fan, the Invader Strap can be the ideal alternative to the expensive shoes everyone in the Kardashian household uses.

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