UBIQ x Diadora Wiz Wit Sneaker

UBIQ x Diadora Wiz Wit

A sneaker that pays homage to the Wiz Wit

If you are from Philadelphia, you know exactly what is means to order Wiz Wit. It means “with cheese whiz” and is a Philadelphia classic. Now, the Philadelphia boutique released a yellow leather shoe that pays respect to the city’s culinary item.

Yes, you read it well. These sneakers were inspired by a type of cheese. The new UBIQ x Diadora N9000 comes in an american cheese-like yellow leather and features an insole whose color resembles the cheesesteak paper wrap.

UBIQ x Diadora Wiz Wit

You may think they are crazy, but it actually turned out really good. Built with micro-perforated leather, hairy suede and speckled midsoles, the shoe comes in brown, tan and yellow color tones.

You can see a “Wit and Witout” notation on the heel which gives it a humorous tone.The shoe features the 9000 silhouette. The Wiz Wit sneakers come with four additional pairs of laces, with two sets of two-toned laces.

UBIQ x Diadora Wiz Wit

Finally, the UBIQ x Diadora N.9000 “Wiz Wit” will officially launch on January 28 at UBIQ’s Philadelphia and Georgetown locations. In celebration, every shop will have its own cheesesteak.

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