Vans and Marvel are celebrating the success of the Avengers

Photo: Avengers Vans Sneakers

The new Marvel movie Avengers inspired a collection of Vans sneakers

Sneaker brand Vans and Marvel worked together to create a collection that pays tribute to the Avengers saga. The latest movie is the biggest to date.

Marvel launched Avengers: Infinity War this year, becoming Marvel’s biggest movie of all-time. In honour of the success of the movie, Vans teamed up with Marvel to release an “Avengers” Pack.

Photo: Avengers Vans Sneakers
The pack features three pairs of classic Vans models: the Sk8-Hi, Old Skool and Slip-On. The Old Skool pays tribute to the original four heroes— Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor.

The sneakers feature Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s chest plate, the Hulk’s bold colouring and the wings of Thor’s helmet. This collection is perfect for people who love bold colors.

Photo: Avengers Vans Sneakers

Both the Slip-On and the Sk8-Hi styles take inspiration from Black Panther and Spiderman. The Old Skool model combines all themes together. The shoes were launched today, Friday, June 1, at Vans retailers worldwide.

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