Vello Bike + by Vello


The First Self-Charging Folding Electric Bike

In 2013, Valerie Wolff and Valentin Vodev founded Vello Bike, a company dedicated to the production of innovative bikes. They launched their first Kickstarter campaign in 2014, which led to the first Vello Bike.vello-world-first-self-charging-electric-folding-bike-design-product-transport_dezeen_2364_col_10
Since then, they have been selling worldwide and winning awards for their product design. Valentin won the “Red Dot: Best of the Best 2015” in all product categories, including for bike design, regarding the Vello Bike.

Now that we got your attention you ask: what is different about the Vello Bike +? Well, just like its predecessors, it is foldable. But this model has a bonus: it is also electric. Vello believes that an electric folding bicycle is exactly what you need in a city.


Designing a bike that is both foldable and functional for riding around town is not easy. It took a lot of thought and experimentation, combining new technologies and exclusive design. The Vello Bike + can be easily transported in public transportation and placed under tables thanks to its small fold.

All Vello bikes are handmade. The Vello Bike + has integrated safety lights on the front and back, perfect for those who like to ride at night. Vello also has a personal online identification system that makes it easier to locate your bike in case of theft.

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