Weeks after IKEA bags-inspired fashion creations craze, there’s a new trend

Photo: Hypebeast | bag by Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony is bringing back Chinatown laundry bags as a fashion piece

If you follow closely the new trends of fashion like me, you must have noticed the most recent trend. I mean, of course, fashion pieces inspired by the iconic IKEA blue bag. It all began when luxury brand Balenciaga decided to create a tote bag very similar to an IKEA bag. As a consequence, the internet went into delirium. Now, it is time for Opening Ceremony to do the same.

It has almost become a challenge and there are several pieces on the market with the blue color of the IKEA bag and even the classic yellow lettering of the Swedish furniture brand.

Photo: Hypebeast | bag by Opening Ceremony

Now, Opening Ceremony responds to fashion’s latest obsession by bringing back its Chinatown laundry bag-lookalikes. The bags come in three sizes: small, medium and large. Featuring the nostalgic red, white and blue plaid pattern, the bag is made in a sturdy plastic material.

Opening Ceremony’s signature logo patch is in the front of the bag. This carryall is perfect for holding all of your everyday essentials but I can quite overcome the fact that it looks exactly like the old bags I used to take on vacation with my parents when the luggage wasn’t enough to carry all of our clothes.

Photo: Hypebeast | bag by Opening Ceremony

Liking or not, this trend is quite amusing and I can’t wait to see what is next in this nostalgic fashion era.

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