What’s new about Iphone X?

Iphone X is almost here- and we have all the news

Expectations were high and it’s easy to see why. Ten years after the launch of the first iPhone, a premium version was unveiled. We present iPhone X, which reads iPhone Ten. The announcement was made this Tuesday, September 12, at the first conference at Steve Jobs Theater, a new amphitheater at headquarters from Apple in California, USA.

The new Iphone X features a 5.8-inch OLED touchscreen that occupies almost the entire front area, and does not have the classic main button on the front of the handset. With Iphone X, instead of using the button to unlock the phone – or the fingerprint reader – there will be a face recognition system (Face ID).

When you look at your smartphone, it will recognize your face and unlock, even if it is dark, you have glasses, change hairstyle or grow a beard. Apple CEO Tim Cook called it “the future of smartphones.”

The side button, which used to turn the phone on and off, now makes you talk to Siri. Since emojis are so trendy today, Apple introduced the animojis – personalized emoji that you can create with your own face, that is, figures as a unicorn or a dog that will follow the movements of the user’s face.

The camera will also be the best one ever with 12 megapixels and faster sensors. In addition to having image stabilization. You can also be charge wirelessly, on a platform called AirPower (which hits stores in 2018). This will charge all Apple devices as long as you put them on top – other brands already had similar devices.

The battery will last another two hours than the iPhone 7. You can order it from October 27 and purchased from November 3rd. It will cost at least € 1179 and there are 64 and 256 gigs versions.

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