“Where is my mind?” by Andrea Constantini


Where is the mind of a human being?

Andrea Constantini was born in Italy, where he first studied photography and design. Over the years, he learned how to use edition software such as Photoshop and Illustrator and began experimenting. He decided to blend photography and image manipulation, and his work grew from that.


Andrea believes that images can provoke emotions and different environments, and so he is always experimenting with pictures, lights, shadows, and textures. The artist believes that a single picture can change a room’s entire design and feel.


With this in mind, Andrea created a collection called “Where is my mind”, which represents the human mind and its ability to always be elsewhere. The designer photographs people and then adds cityscapes over their heads, representing their thoughts.

The collection “Where is my mind” is made of photomontages of people thinking in places. The style of photography is inspiring and impressively peaceful.


The “Where is my mind?” series conveys the idea that places are of extreme importance in our lives and the space they take in our minds. What are you thinking about?

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