Yamaha “CLASSIFIED MOTO” version 2.0

Yamaha "CLASSIFIED MOTO" version 2.0

“Classified Moto” team have been interviewed in CNN and ¬†featured on the Top Gear Magazine.

John Ryland runs “Classified Moto”, a tiny workshop in Richmond, Virginia,¬†specialized on the development of affordable bike customizations.

John became famous when he finished his first custom XV920R6-R bike, few years ago. The bike went straight to the owner Bob Ranew.

Requests from all over the globe started to arrive. Dealing with international media success, “Classified Moto” team received a request from Bikers Cafe in Dubai.

Once the time allocate to build the replica was short, John called Ranew and asked him to ship his Bike, with some modifications, to Dubai.

In return, Ryland promised to build a completely new Bike. Finally, the Classified Moto XV920 2.0 was born.


Yamaha "CLASSIFIED MOTO" version 2.0


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