Zara created a shirt that can be worn three ways

Photo: Zara shirt

A great example of how fashion design can be creative and polyvalent

I’m constantly looking for the next great thing on big retailers websites. Every day I go to big fashion brands’s websites and see what’s new and look for new great deals.

A few days ago I was on Zara’s website and I found a shirt that caught my eye. What aroused my interest was the fact that the shirt has three ways to be worn.

Photo: Zara shirt

The new Zara three-in-one shirt costs 50 dollars.  It can be worn as a shirt, as a tank top and over-the-shoulder top. Moreover, it comes in two versions: a white and red lists version and a white and blue iteration.

What I like most about this piece of clothing is that it can be worn throughout the day in its various versions in various contexts. I can start the day with the more formal version, the shirt, and go to work with it.

Photo: Zara shirt

If it’s hot, I can let my shoulders out and enjoy the sun in the late afternoon when I walk home. Finally, I can go to an evening party with the spaghetti straps version. I was so pleased to realize that this piece of clothing is actually three that I bought it immediately and I have been using it without stopping ever since

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